Grammar Mysteries You Solve

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Take the mystery out of learning English! Whodun Did It? Grammar Mysteries You Can Solve 1 is the first in a unique series of original solve-it-yourself mystery collections designed specifically for the beginning-intermediate English language learner. It is a solve-it-yourself mystery reader, grammar, and pronunciation book, all-in-one.

Teachers, think Encyclopedia Brown meets English Grammar Fundamentals. Project from your e-reader onto a screen, and use Whodun Did It? as supplemental material for a group or an individual learning activity. No prep!

To the ESL Learner

Do you like grammar?  Wait, what … ? Did you say, no??

Okay, then, do you like mysteries? I know I do.  And just this morning I solved one: The Case of My Missing Socks. (I found them in the dryer.)

I know, I know.  You like the kind of mysteries involving more exciting things like police and crime. You don’t want to read about boring stuff like, um … socks. Well, here’s your opportunity.  In this book, you will read some whodunits, or short mysteries that are like puzzles, and solve them yourself. Plus, you can practice your English error recognition, grammar, and pronunciation skills, all at the same time.

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